Sunday, March 4, 2012

Can black labs withstand cold/ hot weather?

I might be getting a black lab puppy and I live in salt lake city utah where it can get very cold and very hot I'm going to keep him inside while it's a puppy but I can't keep him inside when he's older because my grandma is allergic. I used to have a golden retriever and she was just fine outside.. But labs have shorter hair. So I'm just wondering, before, I get it.. What should I do to make him more comfortable outside?Can black labs withstand cold/ hot weather?
In the hotter times of the year, make sure the dog has an area of the yard that is shaded all day long. Always keep a full water bowl in the shaded area.

In colder temperatures, make sure the dog house is not facing the north. North winds can be very cold so make sure the door to the dog house is facing the opposite direction. Keep straw, hay, or blankets in the house so the dog can lay down and stay warm.Can black labs withstand cold/ hot weather?
As long as you have a nice doghouse he/she should be fine but you have to do one thing first, convince the dog to use the doghouse! I have a black lab with a doghouse but I did not train him properly and early enough so he does not want to go anywhere near his doghouse. You cannot expect your dog to use the doghouse just because it is there because if you do then the end result would be not what you want it to be.Can black labs withstand cold/ hot weather?
Black absorbs heat. So as long as the kennel and run are in the shade and he has plenty water he should be fine in the summer. For the winter the kennel needs to be wind and water tight and be out of the wind and have clean, warm and dry bedding in it.

Even though Labradors have a short coat, it is still double and it will thicken in the winter. They do need a lot of grooming twice a year when they are blowing their coat. As their undercoat will come out in tufts.

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